Kirkwood Association

Our Association was having issues with water intrusion, damage, and costly repairs. On the recommendation of our property manager, we hired Stein, Sudweeks & Stein to see if insurance could provide an option for recovery.

Jerry Stein, Justin, and Daniel Stein the firm’s partners, reviewed our insurance and records for free and let us know their thoughts on the strength of our claim prior to Board making a decision to submit claims. The firm did not want to bring a claim that would be unsuccessful and wanted our Board to be well informed.

After much hard work the firm obtained substantial recoveries for our Association from a wide range of insurance policies. I am very impressed with the firm’s work effort, communication, and analysis.

- John Sherwood Board Member, Kirkwood Association

Edmonds Seacrest

When we retained Stein, Sudweeks & Stein, our 20 unit condominium was more than 30 years old and facing more than $1.5 million in repairs to the exterior of our buildings. After reviewing 30 years of property insurance and Association records, Stein, Sudweeks & Stein advised us that we could submit claims for hidden water damage against old, expired property insurance policies to help us defray the cost of our repair project. With the assistance of these extremely knowledgeable attorneys, we were able to recover approximately 80% of the estimated cost of repairs from our property insurers. The attorneys at Stein, Sudweeks & Stein were very responsive, kept us informed and achieved outstanding results for us. We highly recommend this law firm.

Board, Edmonds Seacrest Homeowner's Association

Carlisle Creek

Our Board would like to thank the attorneys at Stein, Sudweeks & Stein for helping our 84 unit condominium association obtain very substantial settlements against two property insurance carriers. These recoveries will go a long way towards repairing the damage at our complex from water intrusion caused by long term exposure to wind-driven rain. The attorneys at the firm worked diligently with us so that we understood the claims process and kept us well-informed so we could be actively involved in making important decisions that ultimately led to settlement. The firm was able to use its substantial experience with other claims against the same insurance carriers to maximize our settlements. We highly recommend Stein, Sudweeks & Stein to other condominium associations pursuing similar claims – they are very knowledgeable and get excellent results!

- Board Carlise Creek Homeowner’s Association

Monaco Villas

My Homeowners Association worked with the Stein, Sudweeks & Stein firm in an attempt to recover for water intrusion behind our building’s siding. Stein, Sudweeks & Stein first helped identify all of our historical insurance companies (going back to the 1980s), evaluated their responsibilities, then submitted claims and sued the insurance companies that would not cooperate. The firm worked diligently to maximize recovery for our Association. I would highly recommend these attorneys.

- Ben Former Board Member Monaco Villa

Woodlake Condominium Association

My Association contacted Stein, Sudweeks & Stein after receiving a water-damage investigation report calling for repair of all the balconies in our community. Daniel Stein worked with us to identify the historical insurers of our Association and then sought recovery from those property insurance companies on our behalf. We are very satisfied with the outcome of our case. We highly recommend these attorneys.

- Carol Former Board President, Woodlake Condominium Association

510 Ward Street Condominium Association

An intrusive investigation revealed big problems for our small Association. Stein, Sudweeks & Stein helped our Association find missing insurance policies; answer insurance company examination under oaths; and guided us through both the claims process and litigation. Our Association ultimately recovered about 90% of the repair cost. We want to thank Stein,Sudweeks & Stein for helping us to obtain this great recovery.

- Ingrid, Board President 510 Ward Street Condominium Association

Eastbridge Condominium Association

Even though our property was 30 years old (124 condo units), at the time we won a settlement from both insurance companies that helped us start a 5 million dollar repair project.

- Zoe Allen Eastbridge Condominium Association

Bellevue Manor Condominium Association

Knowing how long law suits take, we thought it would take years for our case to resolve. Fortunately for us, we hired the right attorneys (for our collapse coverage case against insurance companies). If you are looking for trustworthy professionals who can deliver great results in a relatively short period of time- look no further!

- Dmitry Litvinov Bellevue Manor Condominium Association

Emily Lane HOA

Throughout the process, this firm encountered numerous unique and complex situations and changing laws that regulate the structure and performance of LLCs and their individuals. Accordingly, this presented a need for innovative approaches and arguments to preserve our right and allow us to pursue the individual developers. Although there were many twists and turns along the way, this law firm always remained optimistic and very skilled in looking at every angle and opportunity to help us win our case.

It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend the services of Stein, Sudweeks & Stein. Unlike some other law firms that often have a reputation of being cold and aloof and just in it for their own monetary reward, we always felt that THIS firm really did care about our personal interests as people and homeowners and suffered thru the anxieties and stresses of this arduous process with us. it ended up being a true partnership and we made some valued new friends that have earned our deepest gratitude and respect.

- Alan Crouch, Emily Lane HOA President and Treasurer

Poulsbo Place Trios Condominium Association

Your professionalism and patience in guiding us through the complex processes involved are greatly appreciated. We are very pleased with the outcome; your expertise and good advice have enabled us to make much needed repairs at no cost to homeowners, leaving our association in sound material as well as financial condition.

We wish you and your firm continued success in the future and will gladly recommend your services to other potential clients.

- Dean Brackett, John Harlan, Nadine Hernandez, Jay Roof, Mary Yanagimachi Board-Poulsbo Place Trios Condominium Association

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