We Represent Condo Associations, Apartment And Commercial Building Owners In The Pacific Northwest – For Over 30 Years

The attorneys at Stein, Sudweeks & Stein have over thirty years’ experience representing condominium associations, apartment and commercial property owners in the Pacific Northwest. While the firm got its start litigating construction defect claims on behalf of Pacific Northwest condominium associations, the scope of our practice expanded to (the Western District of Washington) in 2012 when Washington law changed to allow for potential insurance coverage for hidden water damage caused by a combination of long-term rainwater intrusion and construction defects.

We Don’t Just Follow the Law – We Make the Law

Since 2012 we have been at the forefront of representing condominium associations and apartment building owners in pursing claims against property insurers for damage caused by long-term exposure to wind and rain. Our goal is to recover funds to repair a client’s building without litigation. However, when litigation is necessary, we have been very successful in pursuing these claims. Within the last 8 years the firm has obtained seven significant court rulings that helped establish an association or property owner’s right to pursue claims against old, expired insurance policies (some more than 30 years old) and also helped establish that coverage exists when long-term exposure to wind driven rain combines with inadequate construction to cause hidden damage to the building’s exterior walls.

In large part due to these rulings, the firm has successfully settled over 150 of these hidden water damage cases. We have at least another forty insurance claims in progress and growing. Our firm has five attorneys whose expertise is in insurance coverage to better serve your needs.

Free Review- We Strategize With our Clients from the Start

One of the reasons for our success with these type of insurance claims is that we spend the time necessary to thoroughly review our clients insurance policies and repair and maintenance records free of charge before initiating a claim. Based upon this review, we advise our clients if they have a viable claim that is worth pursuing. We find that knowing the potential value of the claim upfront allows our clients to make informed business decisions as to whether they want to pursue an insurance claim.

We have been very active in educating property managers, Board members, owners of apartments and other commercial buildings about the insurance claim process and recovery for older buildings that have experienced damage from long-term exposure to rain. In addition to presenting Lunch and Learns at property manager’s offices, we have teamed with organizations such as WSCAI, WLA, and BOMA to present educational seminars on insurance claim related issues and the Washington Uniform Common Interest Ownership

​While our firm prides itself on being able to resolve most of our cases without litigation, we are also very experienced litigators. We have extensive experience litigating coverage for wind-driven rain claims as well as construction defect claims. Jerry Stein, the firm’s managing partner, has taken over 30 cases to trial and is also an experienced appellate attorney.

​We support the Puget Sound Avon Breast Cancer Walk for the Cure and FORCE.

what our clients' say

Monaco Villas

My Homeowners Association worked with the Stein, Sudweeks & Stein firm in an attempt to recover for water intrusion behind our building’s siding. Stein, Sudweeks & Stein first helped identify all of our historical insurance companies (going back to the 1980s), evaluated their responsibilities, then submitted claims and sued the insurance companies that would not cooperate. The firm worked diligently to maximize recovery for our Association. I would highly recommend these attorneys.

- Ben Former Board Member Monaco Villa

Woodlake Condominium Association

My Association contacted Stein, Sudweeks & Stein after receiving a water-damage investigation report calling for repair of all the balconies in our community. Daniel Stein worked with us to identify the historical insurers of our Association and then sought recovery from those property insurance companies on our behalf. We are very satisfied with the outcome of our case. We highly recommend these attorneys.

- Carol Former Board President, Woodlake Condominium Association

510 Ward Street Condominium Association

An intrusive investigation revealed big problems for our small Association. Stein, Sudweeks & Stein helped our Association find missing insurance policies; answer insurance company examination under oaths; and guided us through both the claims process and litigation. Our Association ultimately recovered about 90% of the repair cost. We want to thank Stein,Sudweeks & Stein for helping us to obtain this great recovery.

- Ingrid, Board President 510 Ward Street Condominium Association

Eastbridge Condominium Association

Even though our property was 30 years old (124 condo units), at the time we won a settlement from both insurance companies that helped us start a 5 million dollar repair project.

- Zoe Allen Eastbridge Condominium Association

Bellevue Manor Condominium Association

Knowing how long law suits take, we thought it would take years for our case to resolve. Fortunately for us, we hired the right attorneys (for our collapse coverage case against insurance companies). If you are looking for trustworthy professionals who can deliver great results in a relatively short period of time- look no further!

- Dmitry Litvinov Bellevue Manor Condominium Association

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